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"The Taxpayers Tax Expert"​

Wayne Bridge

Office Manager/Tax Preparer

In addition to being an enrolled agent brings over 30 years of experience in the area of taxes.  He wants to make sure that every time he meets a client, that client knows they’ve come to the right place. He works hard to ask the right questions so he can provide the right answers.  Don is known by his clients as "The Dancin' Taxman". 

Ginny is an enrolled agent as well as a true advisor to her clients. With over 40 years of experience, she counsels clients of all sizes on Taxes and bookkeeping.  This experience gives her the ability to know how to handle any issues that may arise in the course of business or personal tax issues.  Ginny believes in a proactive approach to anticipate and eliminate tax problems and bookkeeping difficulties. Her goal is to provide useful and proven strategies to help you make informed decisions and focus on the success of your business.

Don Bond- Enrolled Agent (EA)

Our Team

Wayne brings over 20 years of knowledge owning businesses along with his payroll expertise.  Wayne knows that business could not function without timely and accurate payroll services. He takes his responsibility to you and your employees seriously.  Wayne joined the Bond Tax family in 2010.  Wayne assumed the office manager position and is an instrumental part of our team.

Ginny Bond- Enrolled Agent (EA)